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Mission Statement

Sestito Financial Services mission is to offer a full compilation of insurance, financial services, risk management solutions, investment programs, and benefit services to meet the varied needs of our clients. As a team, we are committed to providing superior service paralleled with the utmost respect to each and every client. At Sestito Financial Services, each representative is highly trained, caring, and eager to serve. We continually work with numerous well-known and highly recommended insurance carriers who agree with and support us with our vision of client-focused goals and objectives. We vow to offer and coordinate a wide range of products and services in numerous arenas of insurance and financial services at competitive prices, with the proper coverage, and with the excellent service that you deserve. We hope that by offering to streamline your products, you will have the convenience of one-stop shopping for all of your insurance coverage. We are eager to build a strong, lasting relationship that offers long-term stability in a continually changing marketplace. We take this mission very seriously and will work with you to make sure you have the products and services necessary to help you achieve your goals.

Sestito Financial Services is “A one stop shop – where big company experience meets small firm expertise!”